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Researcher-in-Residence Program

Program Background & Context

The University Library recognizes the critical value and importance of research as a key element of professional practice and actively supports librarians in their role as researchers and in their efforts to meet and exceed the University of Saskatchewan Library Standards for Promotion and Tenure. As part of our efforts to develop a research culture and the research capabilities of librarians, the University Library has established the Researcher-in-Residence Program. The Program is designed to help enrich and develop the research culture at the University Library.

Program Provision

The Program provides dedicated office space, access to computing facilities, support and other support-in-kind for a visiting professional (educator or practitioner) to spend a period of time at the University Library. No salary or direct payments will be made to the Researcher-in-Residence. Other forms of support-in-kind may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis by the Dean and the Program participant. The Program is especially targeted at professionals (educators or practitioners) on sabbatical leave from other organizations and institutions. Time in residency may vary but a period anywhere from 3 to 12 months is expected. However, a period of not less than one month may also be considered. In welcoming the Researcher-in-Residence into our community, the Program will provide opportunities for participation in Library meetings and activities such as the Librarians’ Research Forum, events and professional development sessions.

Expectations of the Researcher-in-Residence

There is an expectation that the Researcher-in-Residence will spend time in discussions with U of S colleagues about research in professional practice. Therefore, the Researchers-in-Residence, whether educators or practitioners, must have demonstrated research competence prior to their application. Other activities undertaken by the Researcher-in-Residence may include some or all of the following:

  • Presenting a research seminar or outlining the research being undertaken.
  • Conducting seminars or workshops on selected aspects of research methodologies relevant to library and information science research.
  • Advising individual librarians about their research-in-progress or about the development of research skills and/or interests.
  • Mentoring librarians in aspects of research work.

Participation in the Program

Suitably qualified and experienced educators and professional practitioners may directly apply for consideration under this Program to Dean Melissa Just, University Library, 3 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5A4, Canada or by email to: Applications should include a current Curriculum Vitae; a one-page summary outline of activities to be undertaken during the period of residency; and a statement outlining expectations for support-in-kind from the U of S Library. Applications, marked “Researcher-in-Residence Program,” may be made at any time.